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Why should you choose embroidery?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Embroidery has been around for hundreds of years; people used embroidery for explaining & celebrating religion, to decorate clothing and to manipulate & improve costumes.

We haven't diverted much in modern day, if anything its becoming a very important part of the fashion industry.

The definition of embroidery is "any textile foundation that is decorated with needle and thread" which means there are many different variations and combinations.

In the 21st Century, we have created such things as 8 head embroidery machines instead of having to use hand embroidery. That means we are able to get 8 of the same design embroidered in the same time, in order to lower the production time. These are very large appliances and serve a very good purpose for companies like us. But they're a big investment!

Our 8 head embroidery machine here at Badge Design

The process that is behind all of our embroidering:

- First we need to vectorise and/or digitize the design that is sent by the customer,

- Then we work out the cost by measuring the stitch count,

- We need to then make the image readable by the machines software,

- A sample will be created and we will add or take away layers to create different outcomes,

- The fabric (or clothing) needs to be marked up and cut out according to the frame and size of the design being embroidered,

- And from there we create all sorts of items, such as: Badges, Epaulettes, Music Stand Banners & Custom Clothing.

In a fair few cases we will have to do a few samples of the design because the first sample may not have translated in the way we wanted it too. But with our experts here at Badge Design you are guaranteed to receive a great quality product no matter what it takes.

Overall, Embroidery always has a professional and classic look & feel, especially when done with passion and persistence!


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