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Unpick & Re-sew Services

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Unpick and Resew Pockets

Do you need a shirt or blazer pocket embroidered onto but you still want to have full use of that pocket? Well we can solve that problem for you, for a small charge, by removing the pocket, embroidering on to it and then sewing it back on.

Small orders are only £4.50 + vat per item, reducing on quantity.

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Unpick and Resew Lining

Do you want a badge embroidered onto a garment but by doing that means you will lose the use of an inside pocket or the lining will be sewn to the outer fabric. Well we are able to unpick the lining, apply the embroidery, and resew the lining without anyone realising the job we've done. 

Small orders are only £4.50 + vat per item, reducing on quantity.

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We can carefully repack items, after embellishment, such as on tailored shirts, to replace the collar stiffeners and have the backing put back. All items will be carefully folded and placed into the backs in the packaging in which they came. This service will need to be requested at time of purchase

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Hot Temperature Washing

We will use specialist threads that can be repeatedly washed at temperatures of 90 degrees, without discolouring or beaking. If you often send your workwear to be industrially laundered, then this embroidery thread is the most appropriate. Please ask if needed.

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Fire Retardant

We are able to use specialist fire retardant threads in your garments if they are to be used in any area that may be subject to extreme heat.

If you're interested in using any of our services then please contact us via email or telephone.

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