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About Us


We are the premier embroidered and printed badge making company in the UK, so you are dealing with the direct manufacturer as opposed to a "middle man". Therefore, you gain from our manufacturing expertise as well as product expertise. We are able to sort out emergencies and issues fast and without language issues or time zones getting in the way. Of course we don't make everything we sell but we try to ensure that wherever we source from, that they uphold our values.

All our staff are on proper contracts and paid above the minimum wage. We have various policies which are part of our DNA. Just click to view them.


Name of company:
Maby Group Ltd T/A Badge Design & Primate Sports

Registered office:

Unit 4E

Crofts End Industrial Estate

St George



Contact details:

Tel: +44 117 9525856


Business Company Registration no.:



VAT no.:

Sister companies:       Ego Vice       Urban Identity     Primate Sports     MusicStandBanners      

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