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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for delivery?


Do you deliver internationally?
Yes we do.


Do you provide samples?
Samples of all of our products are available. Due to the costs incurred in providing one they are charged in full.


Do you have minimum order quantities?
No, but we do have a minimum order charge of £40 + VAT.


How long will my order take?
Badges: Embroidered Badges: 10 working days | Woven badges: 3-4 weeks.

Work wear: 10 working days


Can I pay to have my order processed very quickly?
Yes, we offer an express service.
1 – 3 days is an additional 50%
4 – 9 days is an additional 25%.


Is there a process of artwork approval?
We will always ensure that the artwork is approved before proceeding with manufacturing.


Do you do the digitisation?
Yes, we do all digitisations in-house. These are charged as one-offs and are kept on file, you will never pay for the same digitisation twice!


What is digitisation?
Digitisation is the creation of an image that the industrial machines “understand”.


Do you supply sportswear?
Yes, please have a look at our sister-company Primate Sports:


Do we stock items?
We do not stock items.


Do you supply payment terms?
We offer 30 day payment terms to those who have accounts with us; these are acquired through repeat purchases.


Do you require a deposit?
Deposits are required on an assessment basis; calculated on the complexity of the order.


Can you accurately replicate our colours?
We can pantone reference a colour to try our best to replicate a colour.

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