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3D Embroidery

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

The most common product that'll have 3D embroidery is caps, but there are other options out there. We've created 3D or 'Puff Embroidery' on leatherette as a label, badge & swing tag. It's a type of embroidery that needs to be on a strong surface to withstand the machine; so caps, leatherette & thick material are all ideal.

The way that 3D embroidery is created is slightly different to normal (flat) embroidery because the digital embroidery file (digitization) needs to have extended stitches. It needs much longer satin stitches to cover it all. These extra long stitches are there to include the height of the puff embroidery as well as the width of the design itself.

This is an example of what we've created here in our Bristol factory.

Usually, most specialist foams used for the 3D effect are about 2-3 mm tall. The foam is placed on top of the fabric/cap then a single running stitch is added to hold the foam in place. Then the larger satin stitches created in the design mean that the needle enters the fabric/cap through the foam on one side of the logo. It then runs across to the other side of the logo creating a secure barrier for the foam to stay within.

It's a really great development in the embroidery industry and a way of making your logo stand out (literally!). We are able to do puff embroidery here in our factory in Bristol, UK. If you're interested then please send over your design and we will discuss if it'll work!


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