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Our Unique Technique... Mock Embroidery!

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

We recently had a great idea for a new style of print, one that looks like embroidery!

It includes all of the stitches and styles of stitching as if it were embroidered but... it's not! Its a great money saver because you're not paying for the threads and the process of embroidering it on our machines. So as we've mentioned before in previous blog posts and on our website, the lead production time of printed badges/clothing is much quicker than that of embroidery. This is due to the significant difference in the process of producing them both.

With embroidered designs we need to trace the design requested, in our embroidery software and design the embroidered version from scratch. This is called digitizing. Once the design is digitized by our expert digitiser, it then gets saved into

the customers file for the factory downstairs to access. Once they access it, they can upload it to our machines. Our seamstresses then collect all of the relevant threads and hook them up to the machines and load the fabric on there too. Each job requires different threads, fabrics and frames to hold the fabrics in for it to get embroidered onto. This is less than half of the process for anything embroidered.

3 Union Jack Prints on 3 different colours of felt.

Whereas mock embroidery includes getting the image digitised, then making the file readable by our printers. Once we've edited the file, added relevant lines and cut areas by hand, we can print it out. The process after that is the same as a normal printed badge.

It's a great modern & retro mix, keeping the classic embroidery style in a modern type print. If you want to achieve a unique badge or even direct print onto clothing, we would suggest mock embroidery! It's fairly uncommon & unheard-of if you want to be different and attract attention to your brand we would highly suggest this method.

We do have two standard set up charges, one for print and one for embroidery. Technically this is a print but we need to set up the embroidery file in order to print it as mock embroidery. So if you get some confusion as to why you've not had a print set up charge, this is why.


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