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Music Stand Banners

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Every process in making our banners involves precision, skill and care to construct a music stand banner and we back that up with a fast and efficient customer service delivered by our friendly and professional team. Each banner is designed, embroidered/printed and manufactured in our Bristol based factory in the UK, with no minimum quantity orders. All enquiries welcome, big or small.

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Your Options

Because we make all our music stand banners in house you have a wide range of options. We will make banners to your specifications, such as fabric, colour, design, size and fringing. 



This is our most commonly used type of design, it offers a higher quality finish that gives a premium look to your banners. Embroidered banners could use the applique technique, please see below for more info.


With print we are able to offer a higher level of clarity and complexity compared to embroidery. Print is used when the embroidery is too complicated. It is also our most cost-effective option. 



marble 1.png


This is used when there is a large area of a embroidered logo that is a different colour to the fabric its going on. It is used to reduce the stitch count by using a piece of fabric, replacing the embroidered infill, thus reducing the price of production. This is only available for some designs.


Poly Cotton



Not available with print


Your music stand banner fixing depends on what type of stand you have.


Solid Board Music Stand

With this stand, it would be best with our standard Envelope fixing.

Extended envelope & Magnetic strip will also be suitable.*

Please remember that not all music stands are magnetic.


Hollow Board Music Stand

With this stand, it would be best with our standard Velcro Loop fixing.

There are two options for the Velcro positioning (see below).

Magnetic strip will also be suitable.*

marble 1.png


We recommend that any banners with a Velcro fixing would work best with a wooden dowel, it doesn't come with one but it is an optional extra.

vecro loop - up to date.jpg

Velcro Loop

Our expertise in fixings allows us to produce various fixing styles and sizes to fit all stands.

We will need the dimensions of the stand.

Along with that we will need details about your stands so that we can accommodate. 


marble 1.png
Extended Envelope 1.jpg
Envelope fixing - Blue.jpg

Envelope Fixing

Extended Envelope Fixing

Veclro & Wooden Dowel.jpg

Horizontal Vecro Loop Fixing with Wooden Dowel

Velcro x 4.jpg

Vertical Vecro Loop Fixing - White

Velcro x 4 dark blue.jpg

Vertical Velcro Loop Fixing - Black


Not all stands need an aperture, but if your stand does then it is very important, this means we need to create a hole at the top of your banner so it can fit on your stand perfectly.

There are many different stands out there so not all apertures are the same. If you can measure the width of the metal protruding the top of the stand, that will be very useful.

marble 1.png
Aperture 2.png
These are some  examples of the stand and a stand with a banner on.


Navy Blue.jpg

These are our standard fringing colours, there may be others available but if you require a different colour you will need to talk to one of our team. Any other type of fringing such as bullion or tassels will be charges as an optional extra.



Optional Extras

These come at an extra cost to the banners, costs to be advised during your enquiry.

For more information about each of these extras, either click on the one you're interested in or click here.

Magnetic Strip.png
Extended Envelope New2.png
Large Size1redo.png
Magnetic Strip
Board Filling
Large Sized Banner
Extended Envelope
Wooden Dowell.png
tassels blue.png
Wooden Dowel
Elastic Band
This is our Russia mylar braid, it is a thin braid and a great way to frame your banners' design.
This is our standard braid, the same design as our fringing. This is an option if you don't want any fringing on your banners.
This is our cord braid that we have in various colours, chunky and textured it makes a great statement piece.


Our in-house designers are able to re-draw your low resolution images into superb high resolution artwork. They can even develop an image from scratch just by going on your description or a hand drawn sketch. Your artwork can be blurred, uneven or poorly coloured, yet we can quickly and efficiently enhance your artwork to ensure your brand and logo is the quality you want it to be.


Please bear in mind that the more work involved in getting your design to the finished standard you want the more the cost, so the better the artwork that you can supply us the less the cost.

Please send any images in either JPEG, PNG or PDF format. Any vectors or artwork you may already have please send them in PDF, EPS, AI or PSD format.


Below is the link to our enquiry form. On this you will need to fill in all of the relevant information regarding your banners. Once you have sent the enquiry form to us you will receive an email to let you know we have received the enquiry. After that one of our members of staff will either email or call you with a quote. When you're happy with the quote we will email you an artwork for your banner. You will need to approve this for your order to continue.


We can also make samples at a cost.  We will create an artwork for you to approve so that you know you are getting exactly what you want.


Once your banners are done they will be mailed first class to you with an invoice. 

Please fill out our enquiry form here.

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