Music Stand Banner Optional Extras

We are manufacturers of high quality music stand banners. Our years of experience enable us to create bespoke and highly exceptional music stand banners. We can create the banners out of various materials, other fabrics not listed below could be available on request. We supply music stand banners to all types of bands and choirs, from Symphony orchestras, through to individuals and not only in the UK but worldwide.
Magnetic Strip.png

Magnetic Strip

The magnetic strip will make sure your banner remains in place for the whole concert. Please bear in mind that not all solid music stands are magnetic, many are plastic and this would be an unnecessary extra cost to you. This does not work with a Velcro loop banner fixing.

Board Filling

This is only available for extended envelopes. This makes sure that you can use it on all sizes of solid board stands. It's put into the extended envelope area and is heavy enough for it remain in place, out doors & in.
Large Size1redo.png

Large Sized Banner

The banners we make usually range between 47 - 50 cm wide, this is based on the size of your stand. So if your stand was 46 cm wide then we would create a banner that is 47cm wide so it will fit. So if you have a stand that's 50 cm, the banner will have to be 51 cm and you will be charged as an extra.


We are able to make your banners water resistant, this means that if there is water drizzled or splashed onto your banner then it wont soak into the fabric. This is not recommended in any heavy rain. It's useful for groups or organisations that play outside, as you never know when it could start raining!
Extended Envelope New2.png

Extended Envelope

Extended Envelope fixing works really well with hard board stands, it covers the whole board and turns your music stand into a banner itself. It can work with a magnetic strip to keep it in place, as there is a lot of fabric.
tassels blue.png


If you want to jazz up your banner even more then get some tassels! Instead of having our standard braid fringing along the bottom of your banner you can choose to get tasselled fringing in a range of colours.

Wooden Dowel

Wooden Dowell.png
We suggest wooden dowels for the Velcro Loop fixing because it makes the top of the banner very firm, meaning the banner itself will fall nicely with minimal creases. 


The Velcro on our Velcro fixing banners come at a small extra cost. We have various colours of Velcro that can be matched to a similar colour of your banner. We offer two types of positioning for the Velcro straps either vertical or horizontal


Elastic is available to keep your banner securely attached to the music stand.
This acts like the magnetic strip but without the weight. This can be used on extended envelope (even with hardboard) as well as standard envelope fixing.


We have a few types of braid available: Russia Mylar Braid, Cord Braid, Standard Braid. Our standard braid would be used instead of fringing, along the edge of the banner. Our Cord Braid is available in various colours and will run about an inch from the edge of the banner. Our Russia Mylar Braid is our more expensive braid and is available in shimmery gold, and a few other colours. This is thinner than the cord braid. There are a couple other braids available, please ask with your enquiry.