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Leatherette Labels

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Faux leather labels made to your choice of size and shape with a great choice of colours & textures. You have the option of having them embroidered or printed.

This is a great addition to our fulfilment service, helping to give your brand originality and a signature that shouts "quality".

These labels can be used as sew-on labels, swing-tags and hang-tags for clothing, furniture, caps, beanies, handbags and accessories.



We can offer a huge range of different leatherette finish types e.g. snakeskin, suede, floral, paint splash, Chesterfield furniture effect, mottle, grain, denim, patent gloss, zebra, marble, crocodile and much more and in a wide range of colours. Below are a few examples of what we can supply.

Leatherette is supplied 135cm wide x 1mt length, though for a surcharge of £15+vat you can order just 1/2mt length or £20+vat for a 1/3rd mt.


Printed Leatherette

For greater diversity why not have your design printed onto leatherette. Certain types of finish are not suitable for print, so please check with us first. e.g. suede effect. 

Embroidered Leatherette

This gives the most high quality look as leatherette is thinner, so it enables greater results and works really well with puff (3D) embroidery as long as the design is suitable for puff embroidery. Usually puff embroidery will only work with letters.


Since we produce these labels here in Bristol, you are dealing with the manufacturer. Minimum quantities are based on the size of the label you want and how many of these can be produced on a piece of material. Just tell us the size of your label and your choice of leatherette and we will calculate how many labels you will get from the fabric.

Please contact us via email or telephone.

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