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Leather Labels


Real handmade leather labels available to be customised with your design/brand. We can laser-engrave leather labels with your brand or choice of text and cut them to a vast range of sizes and shapes (dependent on size of skin ordered). 


These labels can be used as sew-on labels, swing-tags and hang-tags for clothing, furniture, caps, beanies, handbags and accessories. This is a great addition to our fulfilment service, helping to give your brand originality and a signature that shouts "quality".

Since we produce these labels here in Bristol, you are dealing with the manufacturer. Minimum quantities are based on the size of the label you want and how many of these can be produced on a piece of material. Just tell us the size of your label and your choice of material and we will calculate how many labels you will get from the fabric.

The minimum quantity is one skin but this will vary in size as to the animal skin that you choose, e.g. cow, deer, goat, sheep etc. Typically these come in sizes anywhere between 5sq ft. and 12sq ft. Price varies on the skin type.

Give us a call or email today and we will talk you through the steps!

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