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Queen Elizabeth - Chenille Badge


_DSC0996 mix.jpg

Your design & detail.

Embroidered designs have a very classy finish to them and look great with all of the logos/Company names we receive.

Unfortunately embroidered designs can lack a certain level of detail when it’s a very intricate design and has been placed into a small area. 


This is an embroidered badge with a diameter of 10cm.

This is a fairly simple design and it has translated into embroidery easily.

If you’re in need of a small detailed badge with intricate detail and/or small lettering, then we advise having it woven as it enables all the details to be much more defined. Check out our gallery here to look at different badges.


This is a woven badge with a diameter of 6cm.

This would not be possible if it were embroidery due to the size and level of detail.

Printed designs are more likely to look exactly like your digital design because it isn’t translated into different coloured threads; because of this it means there’s less production time. Printing is different because your design is printed on top of the material rather than being woven or embroidered into it.


This is a printed badge with the same design and size.

This shows the difference in outcome between woven and printed.

Want blank badges? 
marble 1.png

If you want any help with deciding between embroidered, woven and printed because of your design, please feel free to email us.


Copyright & Trademark Disclaimer:

Any design given for reproduction, the Customer guarantees that they have the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights (copyrights), as well as any right of image or privacy concerning legal persons who might exist to have the design recreated by Badge Design. The Customer absolves Badge Design from any responsibility for claims by third parties arising from the illegitimate or criminal use of images subject to Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or rights of image or privacy of legal persons on personalised products. The costs of any breach of copyright, and any costs incurred by Badge design in defending itself, will be borne solely by the Customer. If we have doubts about whether the Customer may have the rights to reproduce a logo, then we have the right to reject the work we are being commissioned to produce.

Unless specifically requested otherwise, Badge Design can display texts, images, graphic designs or brands owned by third parties for purposes solely to use as examples of work undertaken. Badge Design will not pass on, remake or sell for its own purpose without the express permission of the owner.

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