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Chenille Badges


Chenille has re-invented itself as high fashion. This form of embroidery was very popular in the 70's and 80's but now it has become more sophisticated, as well as giving your product a retro feel.
So if your target market is the high end and your garment needs something to differentiate itself, then this is the way to go.

Photo 18-08-2015, 08 53 46_edited.jpg

Chenille works great with traditional embroidery, to capture the detail. Chenille thread is too thick for general text and it needs a solid base (usually felt) to embroider onto then you sew through the felt onto the item that you want to attach it to.

We offer over 270 different coloured chenille threads that we can use and a wide selection of felt colours. Chenille brings a huge level of prestige to any product by having a two-party embroidery process, however this is reflected in the price.

Please note:

  • Minimum order is 100 badges

  • Sampling is via artwork. Actual samples can be supplied but will add to the cost the lead time.

  • Designs typically have to be large and simple, any fine detail will be achieved using standard embroidery thread.

  • Small designs are unsuitable for chenille

Chenille Letters & Numbers are very popular especially for Varsity (Letterman) jackets, see examples:

Check out our gallery

or for more images check out our Pinterest!


This is not a budget option; sampling is highly recommended.

If you would like to enquire about chenille badges please fill out our badge enquiry form or give us a call or email.


Faux-Chenille Direct Embroidery & Badges

Chenille badges and embroidery comes almost exclusively from Asia. With a focus like never before to lower our carbon footprints and seek out more eco-friendly alternatives and solutions. Badge Design are now offering chenille effect direct embroidery and badges.

Why we don’t do chenille?

The reason we don’t produce chenille ourselves is somewhat of a chicken and egg situation.

There are no chenille embroidery machines in the UK, because of this there is not a supply of chenille thread in the UK for the trade, and the reason for this is because there are no machines.

All we can do at the moment, is produce as close as possible to true chenille as we can with the thread that we can obtain and used with our machinery. 


This high-quality alternative has an amazing finish without the large carbon footprint. Crafted in Bristol, in house.

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Our prices are based on:



-amount of stitches

-finish - overlocked / cut to shape

-and most important – design

If you would like a quote please complete a form with the details of your order. 

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