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Woven Fabric Labels


Fully bespoke woven clothing labels made to suit you. If you want to give your creations an extra touch of luxury, then our woven labels will help to provide that finishing touch. Whether you’re starting up a clothing line, Re-branding old garments or creating your own clothes and want them to look professional, we are here to help.

_DSC1851 1.jpg

We can also provide woven back neck tape for the inside of your garments with brand name and/or logo.

Choose your colour scheme to fit your company’s overall theme, the option of gold or silver metallic thread also available for woven labels. You can use your logo and/or your company name and the sizing is up to you. We can also create labels with the size of the garment on, if necessary.

All custom clothing labels created by us are tailored to your individual requirements.

To get some more information and a quote on these woven labels, call us today on 0117 9525856 or email us at

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