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Why are face masks beneficial?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Face masks prevent the transmission of bodily fluids from one person to another. Many illnesses & viruses are transmitted through tiny cough droplets & particles, when these droplets get into our system (usually through the mouth or nose) we then get ill. Wearing a fit for purpose mask will stop the likelihood of this happening.

How many re-usable masks are recommended?

We recommended at least 3 masks per person as a minimum, depending on your situation. This ensures you'll never be wearing one that's not effective/dirty. As re-usable masks need to be washed regularly, this means you can have one in the wash, the wearing one and one ready to use. Always put it on with clean hands.

What about the filters?

Our masks have pockets for the filters. You can even use a disposable mask as the filter. Always remove filter/disposable mask before washing and regularly replace any inserted filters/disposable masks.

Why are re-usable face masks better?

Well apart from the fact you can get all sorts of designs and patterns, they're much better for the environment because they don't get thrown in the bin after use. They are there for life, and mainly made out of recyclable materials. Re-usable masks must still be fit for purpose. A single layer cotton mask is NOT fit for purpose. For more details on the benefits of masks click here.

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