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Matching Clothing & Face Masks

Buy matching garments to masks! Either your own clothing or clothing we can supply to you.

The two masks provided will have a matching pattern to the clothing; This includes 1 SmartStyle mask with a filter pocket & two free filters & a Simple 1 layer SmartStyle mask.

matching 1.jpg
orange camo tridri.jpg

Your own clothing

1 stretched.jpg


  1. Choose your favourite piece of clothing & snap a good quality image close up of the pattern.

  2. Upload your file HERE

  3. Choose what colour binding & elastic you want on both masks.

  4. Place the order & we will make your masks!! Up to 5 working days for production.

*Images must not include any copy-written designs. We can’t guarantee a match to the exact colour of your garment as print quality is dependent on the image supplied. Customers may order extra masks with the same design pattern at our standard rates.

To re-order your design, purchase a SmartStyle mask of any design and just put into the notes box your previous order number. 

Clothing we can supply

01399 info and colours.jpg
01398 info and colours.jpg
01400 info and colours.jpg
AQ076 info and colours.jpg
Tr025 info and colours.jpg
01188 info and colours.jpg
01187 info and colours.jpg
TD01m infom and colours.jpg
tr921 info and colours.jpg
Tr026 infom and colours.jpg
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