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Event Wrist Bands


Create your own design to go onto these eco-friendly event wrist bands. 

They are made from woven fabric so there's no more worries of the design fading/bleeding in different weather types. They are also widely recycled along with other clothing items! It's great to remind people that they don't need to be thrown in the bin. On the other hand many people keep event wrist bands on for weeks after the event, so make sure yours stands out and your event will be a great talking point!

Create your digital design with your company name/logo, name of the event & anything else you fancy! There are no restrictions of colour so you can be as bright and as bold as you like. You could create a style of wrist band that works for all of your events instead of having a different design each time!

Want to make sure everyone has paid for their ticket to your event?

No problem! With our bespoke wrist bands, they cannot be taken off unless they are cut off with scissors. This ensures that no one will be handing their friends a wrist band to get into your event without paying! 

Minimum order is 1000.

Maximum order is unlimited.

The more wrist bands you order the cheaper they will cost individually:

1000 Bespoke Wrist Bands will cost £280 + VAT = 28p Per Wrist Band.

5000 Bespoke Wrist Bands will cost £800 + VAT = 16p Per Wrist Band.

If you're interested in creating event wrist bands for your event then please call or email us.

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