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Graphic Design Service Available For Printed Reward Badges

Reward badges are a great way of making people feel valued within the school/club and it's a great way of working towards a goal. We can help administer your reward badge scheme as well as tailor it around your budget and help extend the scheme as it gets more popular.

We want to offer a graphic design service for School's, Society's & Club's to encourage the use of reward/Merit badges.

Our service will take the pressure off you to design the badges yourself.

Here's an article explaining The benefits of using badges in the classroom.


Reward badges can mean a lot to the person/people receiving it, which is why we want to offer a special service dedicated to setting up a design for your badges as well as maintaining stock levels as and when you need more.

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Badge Ideas

All we will need is a idea for the badges, such as:

'We want to reward our netball team for coming first in our U16's school netball match.' or

'Our dance class called __________ and we've just competed in our first competition, we didn't come first but I want to reward them all for competing.'  or

'We want to reward pupils here at __________ for finishing each year with a great attitude towards learning.'

Some basic information about your establishment/club including: The name, colour scheme, reason for reward, the age range and quantity of badges you were looking to buy. We will contact you via email and may discuss some further details with you. We will come up with a design and check what you think of it before it goes into production.

If you are interested in creating your own reward badge scheme please, contact us


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